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LOS DOBLES DE FAMOSOS Los Dobles de Famosos

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Central of Lookalikes is an association between “La Central del Espectaculo” and “Reel to Real Productions Ltd/Toplookalikes” from London. We both also have several contacts with lookalikes agencies around the world. Every month we select the best lookalikes from the world.

We get the offers and consider them as possible new lookalikes. Our actors are not characterizations, they are real LOOKALIKES. They don’t need make up to be the spitting image of the real ones. The work in company events, advertising campaigns, movies etc.
We can also write a scriptand running order for your event if you need it.

lookalikes James Bond, Penelope Cruz, Orlando Adam, Nicole Kidman

Recently Added lookalikes

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Messi (Oficial)
Angelina Jolie Malefica
Halle Berry
Cristiano Ronaldo
Albert Einstein
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Donald Trump
Groucho Marx
Marlon Brando
David Guetta
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